The Site That Currently Has No Topic
Yes, ANOTHER MasterMatt site.


It’s almost summer. I doubt that I will be updating much over the summer, so I’d like to thank my many fans for constantly checking up on my site. It’s really appreciated.
Hey, you know what it’s like to talk to a brick wall? That’s what this feels like.


Hi people.
It’s almost the summer.


I went to Key West, the everglades, had a rental car with bugs in the center console, broke my nose, won the fishing pool, and got rich.
Actually, I got $90. Same difference.
So, what did you do?
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Hey ppl!
If you added me to your blogroll on your site, I’ll add you on mine.
Just comment here if you added me. Then, I’ll add you.
That is, if you’re not lieing.
Also, remember to vote on what my site should be on!

I relize these aren’t the best options. Please tell me better ones. Thnx!


My site is too random. I need a topic.
From now on, my site is devoted to dancing ninja-spies!

Maybe not. I really don’t know what, though. What do you think?

Don’t like those choices? Than comment and tell me better ones!


I’m pretty bored so I’m going to post my Toon Link thing over and over and over!
Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!Toon Link ROCKS!


I haven’t posted here in ages!
I really don’t know what to say at the moment.
I’ll just put an awesome picture of Toon Link.
Toon Link ROCKS!


We got news from The Realm of the Blue Pear. It is being taken over by the Grapes of Darkness! We need a hero to save them! Go to the Realm and help me save them!
Rumor has it Bob is there…


Happy new year. It’s 2009! My new years resolutions are:
– A good grade in Algebra.
– Making the first Marz games game ever.
– Posting that game here.
– Posting that other game here.
– Getting at least 1,000 people to visit my site.
– Make Corn 2 Go the best site ever, and this one a close second.
– See how many people care about my new year’s resoloutions


Toon Link in his private jet destroys Ike. He deserves it.