The Site That Currently Has No Topic
Yes, ANOTHER MasterMatt site.

About Comic Central

This is your place to go if you want to read comics. If you want me to post any specific comic strip that I don’t already have on this site, tell me via comments below, or the poll.



9 Responses to “About Comic Central”

  1. Hi “mastermatt56” wuz up. I put your link on my site

  2. : ) :p : ) :*

  3. 🙂 :p 🙂 😦 😛

  4. hi monkeyhippy!

  5. hi how are u

  6. I voted. 😛

  7. Hi ppl.

  8. Something is wrong w/ my avatar. Sad, sad.

  9. YAY! I fixed it.

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